Trans-seasonal Dressing

Happy Monday! I hope y’all had a great weekend. Remember in last
Thursday’s post
when I said I have always felt like this time of year is
hard to dress for? Well, this is one of those outfits that’s a great ‘in-between’
look. First off, black and white is a classic and trans-seasonal combo so I
love this dress for that reason. Second, layers are key during this time of
year! I actually bought this dress back in the fall when I could still wear it
without tights, but now, sans tights is not an option. Since heels don’t really
offer enough warmth on these brisk days, I think investing in a pair of black
and brown heeled booties is a great alternative.  Finally, I love how this look is classy enough
to wear to the office, but still fun enough to wear on a date night.
P.S. How cool is this necklace?! My sweet mom picked it out
for me at the AmericasMart here in Atlanta.
Photos by: My wonderful boyfriend

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