Tuesday TrendDay: Fuzzy Coats

Image sources: 1. Carolines
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Meets Glam
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Sweetest Thing Blog
// 10. The
Blonde Salad
// 11. Fashion

Welcome to another new series here on Midtown Magnolia:
Tuesday TrendDay. On #TT you can expect to find info about a current trend, how
it’s being worn, and my thoughts on it – take it or leave it?
First up, the fuzzy coat trend, also known as the furry coat
or teddy bear coat. Most bloggers have dived head first into this trend, and
who can blame them? A lot of the fuzzy coats out there are extremely warm and
come in some fun colors and materials.
So, what do I think? Would I take it or leave it? If I had
to choose I would have to say leave it and here’s why:
  1. I don’t think this trend will last past this
    year. The fur versions, yes (fur will always be in style), but not the teddy
    bear / fuzzy styles.
  2. A coat is an expensive piece of clothing to
    invest in so why spend the money on a trend that won’t last. Typically, the
    alternative would be to buy this piece at one of the fast fashion companies
    like Forever 21 or H&M, but with this style coat you run the risk of it looking
  3. While these coats are fun and very warm, there
    are other fun, warm, and timeless
    options out there. Buying a classic wool car coat or pea coat in a bright color
    is a fun way to spice up your outerwear attire.
I will say these bloggers wear the trend well and definitely
make me consider purchasing one, but thinking long term I’ll leave this trend
for now. Happy Tuesday TrendDay!



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