Tuesday TrendDay: Off the Shoulder


Image sources: 1
// 2 // 3 // 4
// 5
// 6


Image sources: 1 //
2 // 3
// 4
I have had a love hate relationship with today’s trend. At
the beginning of the summer, I despised the ‘off the shoulder’ look – everyone
was wearing it and I thought it was for sure a fast fashion craze that would
come and go in a few months. However, as the hot summer days have dragged on
and the trendiness of the off the shoulder look has died down, I am starting to
reconsider my verdict. The styled images above in particular helped sway my
feelings – this trend, when done right, looks chic, sometimes even boho chic, reminiscent of the 70’s. Not only that but
it’s a practical look especially when you live somewhere like Hotlanta where it’s still in the upper
90’s with no signs of cooling temps in the forecast. I sweat no matter how little I’m wearing so it would be nice to let my shoulders breathe.
This trend lasted all summer and I have a feeling it will
reappear next summer as well. If you’re a fan and want to give it a try, I would suggest one of
the below items as they’ll transition you into the fall but will be ready to reappear when things heat up again in Summer 2016!
1. Stripe
// 2. Embroidered
(perfect dress for a music festival)! // 3. Floral
print dress
// 4. Lace
(great date night look) // 5. Denim
// 6. Off
the shoulder top
(this would pair well with a denim skirt or jeans for fall) // 7. Ruffled top

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