Tuesday Trendday: 70’s style

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For this week’s
trend we are going back in time to the 1970’s. Decade fashion
trends always resurface at some point in the fashion life cycle (hoping that the 90’s never do) so I am
not that surprised that this is a trend for fall.
Now, this is just my
personal style preference, but I have never really been a fan of the 70’s. Therefore, I will not be embracing this trend. There are definitely women
who can pull off this trend because it’s more true to their style aesthetic;
prime example are the women pictured above, but  I am more of a 1960’s gal myself.
However, fashion wouldn’t be fun if you didn’t push your style envelope every once in a while so there are a few 70’s inspired pieces that I may incorporate into my fall wardrobe – one being the floppy
hat last seen here, here, and here
The moral of this Tuesday TrendDay is this: Don’t feel like you have to buy-in to every trend — try to find the balance of staying true to your personal style (because that’s when you
will feel your best) and having fun with fashion!
So, with all that being said, if you are
feeling the full 70’s vibes or just want to add a few 70’s inspired
pieces to your repertoire,  here are some options:

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