Tuesday TrendDay: The Sleeveless Coat

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As important as it
is to talk about transitioning looks between seasons, what about those in
between times when it’s not quite fall and yet it’s not summer either? Or, for
those of us in the south when November and sometimes even December, feel like
September, what are we supposed to wear then? Enter the latest trend: the
sleeveless coat.
From celebrity it
girl Olivia Palermo to all the big name bloggers, this trend is making
a statement in the fashion world. And in my opinion, it’s not hard to see why.
The sleeveless coat adds an extra, lighter layer during these weird times in between
seasons and is one of those third
that can take any outfit from average to tres chic! So when it’s
not quite cold enough to reach for your coat or if you just want to elevate
your look a bit, then throw on a sleeveless coat.
If you can’t tell
from my enthusiasm, I am definitely taking this trend. I just need to figure
out which sleeveless coat option would be the best edition to my wardrobe. Here
are a few I like: Revolve
Sleeveless Trench coat
, J.O.A.
Sleeveless One Button coat
, Misguided
Sleeveless Waterfall coat
, Misguided
Double Breasted Sleeveless Wool Maxi coat.
What do you think
about this trend? Would you take it or leave it?
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