What is my life purpose?

Happy Easter,
friends! I hope you had a beautiful day and were able to share it with loved
ones. We attended the Easter vigil last night, and it was beautiful. Ever since
the mass, I have been thinking about the homily message. It’s
something I’ve thought about multiple times before so I wanted to share it with
you all in case it’s something that you have questioned as well.
Have you ever
wondered what your life purpose is? Questioned what you do day-in and day-out,
wondering if it is what God wants or is calling you to do? Do you feel like
you’re not doing enough? Or sometimes, think 
you should leave all you have behind and go help those most in need? I
know I have and do often think about this, but the message of the homily
provided me with some peace when it came to these thoughts.
The overarching
message was that God is love, which is hard to miss over this Easter weekend!
God gave His only son to die on the cross for our sins. The ultimate example of
sacrificial love. But, Jesus showed this love throughout His life not just on
the cross. He poured out His love to everyone he met – to sinners, to the sick,
to those rejected by society, to his disciples, to everyone single person that He came in contact with. If this is
what Jesus did, and if we are called to live as He lived, then we too are
called to love as He loved.
If you’ve ever
wondered what does God want me to do with my life or what is my life purpose, the
answer is pretty simple: to LOVE. To love every person that you come in contact
with. There is a reason that you are in the time and place that you are, and a
reason that you’re surrounded by and come into contact with the people that you
do. What God expects from you is to love these people as He loves. A simple
answer but not always a simple action. I know that I personally don’t always
show God’s love to all those I meet. Shoot, I don’t even show
God’s love to those people that I claim to love the most in my life! A simple message but an often challenging task. 
So, instead of wondering what my life purpose is, I
want to commit to and work on loving all those God places in my path. That’s
my goal for the week and my purpose for life. I’d love to know, have you ever had these same thoughts? What do you feel God is calling you to do? 

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