The 10 piece work wardrobe

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Happy (work wear) Wednesday! After the feedback from this work wear Wednesday post, I thought I would share tips on building a complete work wardrobe for spring/summer. Like I said in my last work wear post, corporate fashion does not have to be boring! You can look professional, yet still be stylish – the key is to incorporate fashion forward items and details subtly. A statement necklace, a bejeweled flat, or a silk scarf are small ways to let your personal style shine, while still sticking to the corporate uniform.
Now, let’s talk about the key building blocks to a work wardrobe. You’re going to need at least one solid dress, a pencil skirt, and a nice pair of pants. When choosing these pieces, stick to a neutral, classic color palette like I did above. For spring, I love a fresh, clean palette of whites and blues. If you pick similar base pieces, then you’ll be able to mix-and-match your tops and accessories more easily. I then chose a white blazer, white silk tee, and pink lace top because all of these items can be interchangeably worn with the base pieces. With these three tops and the four base pieces you can create 13 different looks. Add the shoes and that’s 13 more! Invest in the basics – it will double your wardrobe!
I’d love to know, what items make up (or do you wish made up) your work wardrobe?

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