Wedding Wednesday: Mix n’ match {navy} bridesmaid dresses

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve
I have always been a
fan of mix n’ match bridesmaid dresses. They just seem so much more practical –
your best friends get to pick out a dress that they love and that they’ll truly wear again. Plus, they can determine what they want to spend. An all around win-win for the bride-to-be and her maids! 
When one of my good friends told us she was doing mix n’ match
navy bridesmaid dresses, I was so excited! Adding in the navy requirement was
the cherry on top. Navy is the one color that looks good on everyone, and maybe
other than black, is the easiest color to find, especially in the same shade.
In honor of her mix
n’ match navy theme, I rounded up my favorite navy dresses that I found while
shopping for my bridesmaid dress. Not only are these dresses great if you too
want to do navy bridesmaid dresses, they’re also perfect to wear to a wedding as
a guest, for upcoming graduations, or any event in-between.
The majority of
these dresses are from ASOS, which is my go-to site for special occasion
dresses. If you haven’t shopped at ASOS before be sure to check it out. They
offer tons of affordable options, free shipping, and allow you to apply
multiple search filters (color, length, occasion, etc.) making it easy to find
exactly what you’re looking for! 
I am currently between four and eight as my bridesmaid dress for the wedding. I’ll be sure to let you know which one I end up going with. I’d love to know, which one is your favorite?

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