Wedding Wednesday: How I asked my bridesmaids

creative ways to ask bridesmaids
creative ways to ask bridesmaids
creative ways to ask bridesmaids
Happy {Wedding} Wednesday, friends! Today, I am excited to share with you how I asked my bridesmaids to be in my upcoming wedding. While I wanted to write all the girls a note, I also wanted to give them a small gift. For their gift, I wanted something that was unique to them and to my wedding.
For the individual gift, I immediately thought of a personalized cookie and went to Pinterest to search for some design ideas. Since pink is my favorite color (but not a color I would be using in my wedding for my fiancé’s sake), I decided to do pink dress cookies. Now, I just needed someone to bring my idea to life!
Thanks to the Pretty Peach Workshop that I attended back in March, I had met Shelly, who is the baker behind Pastry Shells. Pastry Shells specializes in homemade pastries custom made for special occasions. So, I knew Shelly would be perfect for this project. I sent Shelly my idea, and she delivered these beautiful cookies that surpassed my expectations. Aren’t they so cute?! I am also using Shelly to make our wedding cake. We had our tasting a couple months ago and it was AMAZING! For those of you in Atlanta, if you need baked goods for your next special event, I highly recommend Shelly.
For the gift unique to my wedding, I decided to give each bridesmaid the nail polish color I was wearing when I got engaged, which was “Stop it, I’m blushing” by OPI. It would be my official wedding day nail color. Plus, it would be a small way to incorporate pink on my wedding day, along with my engagement ring. Once I had the cookies, polish, and cards, I packaged everything up in a cute patterned mailing envelope and sent them on their way!
I’d love to know, how did you (or would you like to) ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding? Share in the comments below!

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