Baby Mines Bumpdate: 16.5 Weeks

Baby Mines was 12 weeks old when this ultrasound was taken.

Happy Wednesday! Since announcing the big news yesterday, I’ve received a lot of questions about Baby Mines and the pregnancy overall so I thought I would use today’s post to answer some of my most frequently asked questions. I’ll be sharing these pregnancy updates once a month until baby arrives so you can easily find them all here or on the main menu under the “Life” tab.

How far along are you: I am 16.5 weeks today! Can’t believe I am already four months in… crazy!

When are you due: My official due date is July 31. We will see if this little one decides to be a July or August baby. Either way it will be born in the heat of the Atlanta summer!

When did you find out: We found out the weekend before Thanksgiving. We knew there was a chance that we could be pregnant so we decided to take a test a couple of days early “just to see.” Well, it came back with a “Yes!” We couldn’t contain our excitement. It was great timing as we were going to visit my family for Thanksgiving the following week and got to share the news with them in person.

Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl: We don’t know yet, but we will find out at our 20 week appointment in just 3.5 more weeks. I am dying to know so I can start buying clothes. It’s been hard to find gender neutral items. Plus, all the little girl and boy things are so cute, I just want to know which to get! And, yes we plan to share so stay tuned.

How have you been feeling: The first trimester I did not feel great.  I had nausea constantly and although I never actually threw up, I always felt like I was going to be sick at any moment. This made it really hard to eat as nothing sounded or smelt good. During the first trimester, I stuck to really bland foods such as bread, rice, and tofu. I also tried to always have a little something on my stomach to ease the nausea.

Honestly, the only time I felt better was when I was working out so I stuck to my workout routine every day. While this was challenging with my fatigue, it was worth it for the relief it gave me from my queasy stomach (more on working out below). As soon as I hit the second trimester, I felt a thousand times better! The nausea went away overnight, and I am not as tired. I am so thankful to be feeling like myself again and am enjoying the bliss of the second trimester!

Are you still working out: This is something I really struggled with at the beginning of my pregnancy. I’ve received a lot of mixed feedback on the safety of working out while pregnant. For those that know me, I have a slight obesession with working out. Before becoming pregnant, I was doing Crossfit and Bootcamp regularly. Ultimately, after talking to a few doctors and other moms, I decided that the best thing for me was to maintain my routine as long as I felt okay.

As my pregnancy progressed, I noticed I got out of breath a lot easier. Thus, I have been cognizant of not pushing myself to exhaustion and always maintaining a pace or level where I can still carry on a conversation. I am sure as I get bigger I will have to modify some movements, but for now, I have kept everything the same.

Have you had any cravings: I wouldn’t say I have had any strong cravings just strong aversions to certain foods and smells, especially during the first trimester as I mentioned above. In the first trimester, it was a daily chore to figure out what sounded good and what didn’t. If something smelt funny or too strong, it immediately turned me off from wanting to eat it. The one smell that I can’t stand anymore, which I am really sad about, is coffee. I used to LOVE coffee and would love going to work at coffee shops during the day. However, to this day, I still can’t stand the smell. It’s probably best for baby and me that I have stopped drinking any coffee (caffeinated or decaf). I just hope my love for coffee and coffee shops returns once baby arrives!

One new drink I am obsessed with since becoming pregnant are these Spindrift sparkling waters. They are so refreshing and so much better than La Croix as they are made with fresh squeezed fruit juice. If you want to call drinking one of these daily a craving then they have been my one and only!

Do you have a bump yet: I am not showing yet and have just barely developed a little bump that’s only noticeable to Patrick and I. Thankfully, this means I have still been fitting into all my clothes except my high-waisted jeans. Those made their last appearance for the year here and here. I’m guessing by the next “bumpdate,” I’ll have more to share in the body change department 😉

Thank you so much for all the love, support, and sweet comments we’ve received so far. It means the world to us, and we are thankful that Baby Mines is already surrounded by so much love.

As you can imagine, I am still learning so much with each day. I would love to hear from any moms-to-be out there what their experiences have been. And, if you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments below!


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