Winter Pastels

While I do love this winter pastel look, I am not happy about the fact that I had to pull these winter accessories back out. Yesterday in Atlanta was COLD! Remember this post when it was beautiful and warm in Atlanta?! I want that weather back asap. Isn’t it time for light layers, dresses, and sandals? Here’s hoping that yesterday was the last frigid day we get until next winter.

If I can’t have spring weather though, I am at least going to dress in spring colors. This cozy knit scarf and hat in a light pink is sure to brighten up an otherwise dreary winter day. And this J. Crew sweater in aqua mist is such a beautiful color! I love how all these colors came together to make a winter outfit so light and airy. Winter pastels and whites are such a nice change of pace from the typical greys and blacks you find this time of year. That’s why I also love to wear bright colored coats (as seen here and here). Winter is grey enough as it is!

One more thing i want to mention about this look is the white jeans. White jeans can be worn year round! Yes, even after Labor Day and all through winter. Today’s look is a perfect example. You can also see how I styled white jeans in winter here. So don’t throw those whites to the black of the closet and wait until spring or summer to pull them out. Get some use out of them all year round!

Shop the look below.

Images by VivaLux Photography.


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