Baby Mines Is A…

This past weekend we finally found out whether Baby Mines is a boy or a girl! We had a small gender reveal party with my family down in Gulf Shores, Alabama and video called in Patrick’s family. Since finding out we were pregnant, we knew we wanted to know baby’s sex before he or she was born, and we also knew we wanted to try and do some sort of fun reveal. When we found out my family would be at the beach the weekend after our 20 week appointment, we decided to plan a quick weekend trip down and a small gender reveal party.

We decided on a cake reveal and were especially excited when we were able to find a bakery in Gulf Shores who could make a gluten-free one for us – A Specialty Bakery. They designed the cutest cake and were so helpful with our quick request! Not to mention, it was absolutely delicious! To top it off, I added this adorable homemade gender reveal cake topper from Confetti Momma. We also had some help from our good friends in Atlanta who called in baby’s sex after our appointment. The bakery added in the blue or pink icing filling, and as soon as we picked up the cake, we were so anxious to cut into it!

Patrick took the lead cutting into the cake as I excitedly watched over his shoulder. Initially we thought the first cut would pull out the icing color, but it showed nothing so he had to pull out an entire slice. Even though I had a strong feeling that it was a boy all along, it was still the sweetest surprise to officially find out, and as you can see from the pictures, I was so excited (as was Patrick, of course)! If you want to see the full reveal on video, you can watch it here. Since I have two younger sisters and Patrick has three, everyone is looking forward to completely spoiling baby boy Mines come July!

A blue icing center can only mean one thing – Baby Mines is a boy! 



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