Baby Mines Bumpdate: 26.5 Weeks

Happy Wednesday! Today marks 26.5 weeks, and since the last bumpdate, the bump has really grown. I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing for the next bumpdate! I had my glucose test this morning, so hopefully all went well with that. Here are a few other updates and answers to common questions I’ve been receiving as it relates to my pregnancy and Baby Mines:

Size:  Baby is the size of Kale (according to my favorite pregnancy app, the Bump). At almost 2 lbs, baby is growing quickly! P.S. This app is scarily accurate with the weekly pregnancy symptom updates. Really recommend this app for first time moms.

How do you feel: I have very little complaints right now – I guess that’s why many women say the second trimester is so great! The biggest change has been my growing belly, which I really started to notice around 22 weeks. I have the occasional abdominal / growth pain at night but it’s not too bad. Real talk here: the most annoying symptom thus far has been the fact that my breasts leak at night. Apparently this is a normal symptom and is actually colostrum, a thick, yellowish liquid that will serve as the first food baby needs, before your milk comes in. The things you learn in pregnancy… 😉

Can you feel Baby: Woah! Yes! Around week 22, I started consistently feeling this little boy move around in there. At first it was sporadic and felt like a little fish doing jumps inside my stomach. Now, it’s much more consistent – usually when I’m sitting still or when I lay down for bed – and it definitely feels like little punches and kicks now. The night that Patrick felt him for the first time was probably one of the best nights of this pregnancy.

Do you have a name picked out: We have not settled on a name yet but have a really great list made. We plan to pick it before he’s born so I’ll be sure to share once we have. My current top picks are Ezekiel (Zeke for short), Harvey, Thad, and Jack, but we will see what wins out!

Any cravings: I honestly can’t say that I’ve had any real food cravings. Now that I’m out of the first trimester my appetite has returned so I’m eating similar to how I did pre-pregnancy (less of course sushi and limiting my canned tuna each week). I have found that I like to make fun sparkling drinks to get all my fluids in and as a replacement to alcoholic beverages when hanging out with friends. So maybe you can count this as a liquid craving? As I mentioned before, my favorite sparkling flavored water is Spindrift. A new drink I’ve been making at home is mixing a little bit of OJ with a can of coconut LaCroix. It’s so refreshing and reminds me of a pina colada. My new favorite drink at Starbucks is an iced green tea with coconut milk – also refreshing and tropical.

Current pregnancy favorites: As mentioned above, I have enjoyed my sparkling beverages. Other current favorites include these two books I’ve added to my reading list: Moms on Call Basic Baby Care 0-6 months and The Magic of Motherhood as well as a whole lot of dresses, both maternity and non-maternity from Asos, Gap, and Target. These will be on the blog in the coming weeks so stay tuned. I have a feeling I’ll be living in dresses until next winter!

How’s working out going: It’s still going well, thankfully! I have been going to Crossfit three times a week and Bootcamp two times a week. While the belly has started to get in the way, it hasn’t limited me yet. Around week 20, I noticed that every time I run I have a terrible urge to pee. While It’s incredibly uncomfortable, I just try to run routes where I know there will be a bathroom. This is one of the reasons I like going to Crossfit too because I’m guaranteed a bathroom break whenever I need it!

Labor prep update: We found and hired a doula! I’m so excited and think she’ll be a great addition to our labor team. If you’ve never heard of a doula, it is a woman who is trained to assist and support women during childbirth and sometimes after. You can think of her as my labor coach, who will be helping to ease the pain of labor and cheering me on. We also signed up for a weekend long birth class, which I am really looking forward to. I feel like going to that class is going to make the big day seem so much closer!

You can find all of my pregnancy updates here and also see my maternity style here.

Let me know if you have any additional questions in the comments! I really want to be as open as possible especially for the sake of other newly expecting moms. Pregnancy is a whole new world, and I am learning every day from friends, family, and other mom bloggers. Speaking of which, here are two of my favorite mom/style blogs: Lynzy & Co. and Kailee Wright.

Thanks for all your love and support thus far!

xoxo, Lauren and Baby Mines


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