12 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Fall Wardrobe Essentials | Midtown Magnolia Blog

Happy first day of fall! Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite feel like fall here in Atlanta. However, that hasn’t stopped me from planning out my fall wardrobe. With each new season, I like to think about the basic building blocks of my wardrobe. I put a list together of classic pieces that I can mix and match and that I know I’ll wear again and again. To help you plan your fall wardrobe as well, I thought I’d share my 12 fall wardrobe essentials list with you!

These 12 pieces will be your go-to items this season and will help you create a number of timeless looks. Think of these as your building blocks towards the perfect fall wardrobe. I’ve scoured the web and picked out some of my favorites from each of these essential items below so that you can easily find pieces that you love!

If you want to shop the exact items above you can find them here:

Cozy Cardigan // Neutral Booties // Vest for Layering // Pullover Sweater // Oversized Scarf // Light Jacket // Jeans // Sweaterdress // Everyday Top // Plaid Shirt // Fun Blouse // Loafers

You will find almost all of these pieces in my own wardrobe if you look at my fall archive outfit posts here, While these are great fall basics to start your seasonal wardrobe, I’ve also created a more extensive fall wish list that you can shop here!

A Cozy Cardigan

Neutral Booties or Boots

A Vest for Layering

A Pullover Sweater

An Oversized Scarf

A Light Jacket

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

A Sweater or Shirt Dress

An Everyday Top

A Plaid Shirt

A Fun Blouse

Loafers or Flats


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