3 Life Lessons Motherhood Has Taught Me

3 life lessons motherhood has taught meI’m sure you’ve heard it before or experienced it for yourself, but becoming a mom changes you. It changes your priorities, changes your perspective on life, and obviously changes your day-to-day. I expected my priorities and day-to-day to change. However, what I didn’t expect to change as much as it has is my perspective on life. Since becoming a mom just ten weeks ago, here are three life lessons that motherhood has encouraged me to embrace more than ever before:

1. Live in the moment

This is something I’ve struggled to do for most of my life. Instead of fully embracing where I am in life, I have too often looked forward to what’s next. When I was in high school, I was ready to be in college. Once in college, I was ready to have a job and be on my own. When I graduated and got a job, I looked forward to getting engaged, then married, and finally starting a family.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed each of these stages. But, in the back of my mind, I was always looking towards the next big change. Very rarely would I live in the moment. It was exciting to imagine what could be next and there was always a small part of me that thought I will be even happier or my life will be even better once I achieve “x.”

During those challenging first six weeks of Andrew’s life, which I talked about in last week’s Motherhood Monday post, I found myself dreaming about the next big milestones – sleeping through the night, crawling, walking, talking, eating solid foods. But then I realized how quickly all these little milestones were going by. These ten weeks have been the fastest ten weeks of my life. Not only have they flown by, but in that time Andrew has changed so much! Each day brings something new and I don’t want to wish away or forget any of it, even the hard stuff. I know I won’t always be perfect at it, but since becoming Andrew’s mom, I’m making a conscious effort to live in the moment more.

2. Pursue your dreams

I’ve always been a believer in pursuing your dreams. However, now that I’m a mom, it’s motivated me to take action on them in a new way. As I think about Andrew growing up and sharing his dreams with me, I don’t want to just tell him to pursue his dreams. I want to have showed him what it means to pursue them through my own actions. I want him to see how to fearlessly chase what you believe in and how to react when faced with challenges while pursuing them.

3. Do what’s best for your family

It seems like once you have a child everyone wants to share their thoughts, opinions, and parenting advice with you. For the most part, it is helpful to hear from moms and dads who have been through this parenting thing before. But, I’ve also realized you have to take some of the tidbits that are shared with a grain of salt. Just because something worked for one family or child doesn’t mean it will work for you.

At first I was afraid to trust my gut. I thought – I have no experience being a mom, how would I know what’s best or what to do in this situation?! It obviously takes time to gain this confidence. I’m still working on it every day. However, I’m realizing a mother’s intuition is real, and I should trust it to make the best decisions for my family!

If you’re interested in reading previous #MotherhoodMonday posts, you can find them here. Next week, I’ll be talking about my breastfeeding journey.


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