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Since Andrew came five weeks early, we were not prepared when it came to baby products. We didn’t even have his car seat yet – thank goodness for Amazon Prime! Looking back, I’m kind of glad we hadn’t bought a ton of stuff as it helped me figure out what I really needed and what we would actually use. With that being said, the nine products that I’ve featured in today’s Motherhood Monday post are items that I use every single day and absolutely love. Keep reading to find out why these are my must have mom and baby products.

Dockatot Deluxe // Fawn Design Diaper Bag // Halo Sleepsack Swaddle // Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing // Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano // Solly Baby Wrap Carrier // Fisher Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper // Uppababy Vista Stroller // Uppababy Mesa Carseat

Fawn Diaper Bag

Must have mom and baby products - Fawn Diaper Bag

I discovered this diaper bag brand – Fawn Design – on Instagram and immediately wanted to invest in one of their beautiful bags. I love that they don’t look like a diaper bag, come in a variety of colors, can be worn as a backpack or cross body, and have the perfect amount of interior compartments for organizing all your baby stuff! As you can see I went with the light pink color, which I think is gorgeous, but my husband isn’t too happy about. I figured I’m the one that carries it (for the most part!) so I went with my favorite color. I also like the brown and light grey. Maybe those would have been more practical choices…oh well!

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

Must have mom and baby products - Halo Sleepsack

The Halo Sleepsack Swaddle was a game-changer for us in the earlier months as we could not master the tight swaddle. Andrew always seemed to find a way out. While he has yet to sleep through the night, this definitely helped in getting longer stretches of sleep. Now that we don’t swaddle his arms, I like that it’s a safe, wearable blanket that he can have in the crib with him.

Uppababy Mesa Car Seat & Vista Stroller

Must have mom and baby products - Uppababy Carseat

Uppababy was another Instagram discovery for me, and then when I heard fellow moms at work praising the brand as well, I was sold. The main reason I went with the Uppababy car seat was because I knew I wanted the Vista stroller and thus didn’t want to buy car seat adapters. Now that I have the Mesa car seat I’ve realized how great it is due to small, ingenious touches like the slots to hold the car seat buckles so they don’t get caught under your baby’s legs when you’re setting them down and the retractable awning to protect them from the sun.

The Vista stroller was my top pick for a few reasons:

  • Easily folds and collapses for transporting and storage
  • Comes with a bassinet which was great for walking Andrew in when he was little and slept all the time without having to put him in car seat. The bassinet is also safe to use as their actual bassinet and Uppababy makes a stand you can put it on in your house! In addition, the bassinet has great UV protecting awnings for when the sun is beaming down on our mid-day walks and errand runs. Finally, the Vista also comes with a toddler seat.
  • Becomes a double without getting wider and holds a third child if you get the piggyback ride-along board – my husband, Patrick, already wants to get this for Andrew for when he’s a toddler
  • Comes with a mosquito net and rain shield
  • Has a large under storage area which I’ve found is great when grocery shopping – I’ll hook Andrew’s car seat into the stroller base and then use the storage basket as my shopping cart. Then when we get home it’s perfect for carrying all my groceries inside!

Must have mom and baby products - Uppababy Vista Stroller

Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper

Must have mom and baby products - Fisher Price Rock n' Play

The Rock n’ Play and the next product, the Dockatot, have been lifesavers since Day 1 with Andrew. This Rock n’ Play is awesome because I can easily move it around the house to wherever I am – from the kitchen, to my bedroom, to the bathroom, this thing goes everywhere. I usually move it with Andrew in it because he’s still light enough for me to do that 😉 It’s also great because it easily collapses with the push of one button so when we aren’t using it, I can store it out of the way. In addition, whenever I have to do bath time solo due to Patrick’s schedule, I just put this in the bathroom with us, line it with Andrew’s bath towel, and safely transfer him from the bath to his towel!

Another reason the Rock n’ Play was a lifesaver was when Andrew’s acid reflux was really bad in his first month. When it was really bothering him, especially in the middle of the night after a feeding, we could never lay him flat. He would just cry from the irritation and spit up constantly. So we kept the Rock n’ Play by our bed and put him in it on the nights we were just too tired to sit up with him.

The Dockatot Deluxe

Look how tiny Andrew was! Now he fills the length of the Dockatot! As you can see, we used this from the very beginning. Like the rock n’ play, it’s great for easily moving baby around the house and placing them safely near you. We put this on the couch when we are hanging out in the living room, on the table when we are in the kitchen, and even in our bed when we were desperate to get sleep during those early weeks. When we transitioned Andrew to his crib, we put the Dock a tot in his crib. Now he sleeps without it but I definitely think it helped transition him. Now if only he would sleep through the night!!!

Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

Must have mom and baby products - Graco Baby Swing

This swing was a recent gift (thanks Gigi!) due to the fact that Andrew has been extremely fussy in the evenings these past few weeks. Now, during his witching hour, usually around 6:00 pm, we strap him in this magic swing and he’ll stop fussing long enough to take his evening nap in it!

Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano

Must have mom and baby products - Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano

The Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano is the perfect playtime mat. Andrew loves looking at all the toys, and with his super active feet, he’s now playing the piano non stop! I also love that this grows with your baby – the piano converts to a tabletop when they can sit-up and then to a handheld toy when they can walk!

Solly Baby Wrap Carrier

Must have mom and baby products - Solly Baby Wrap

Another amazing product for when Andrew is fussy and wants to be held, or I want to hold him but need my hands 🙂 The Solly wrap is so soft, comes in a variety of cute colors and prints, and is easy to tie. I love how snug and close Andrew is when he’s in this wrap, and it almost always calms him down when he’s upset. Another lifesaver!

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