Styling White Jeans after Labor Day

Styling white jeans after Labor Day

I don’t believe in the “no white after Labor Day” rule, especially when it comes to white jeans. Here in the south it’s too hot to wear white jeans in the summer. Spring is typically okay, but sometimes even our spring days feel like summertime. Given the Georgia heat and since I’m a proponent of styling more with less, I like to find ways to style white jeans throughout the year particularly in the cooler months when you won’t sweat the second you put them on.

I plan to do a full post focused solely on different ways to style white jeans throughout the year, but for today, I’m sharing how to wear them in this in between time of summer and fall.

Styling white jeans after Labor DayStyling white jeans after Labor DayStyling white jeans after Labor Day

Since it’s still warm, I opted for a very lightweight navy top and open toed sandals. I made it a little more “fall” by choosing darker colors in both of these though. As the season progresses, I would swap my sandals for closed toed heels and my top for a light pullover sweater like I did here. In the winter, I’d layer up with my booties, a thick sweater, and a scarf and hat like I did here.

Cute necklace from Target

While I love a basic white and navy look, I decided to add this long gold pendant necklace from Target and this adorable cactus clutch from Anthropologie to make it a little more unique. Isn’t this clutch so fun? Cactus print pieces were so popular this summer, and while there were some really cute items, I’m not one to invest heavily in trends. Instead, I opted for this little clutch to add a fun pop of the print to an otherwise classic look.

Anthropologie cactus clutch

How do you feel about wearing white jeans after Labor Day? Do you pack yours up until Memorial Day or look for ways to keep styling them?

Styling white jeans after Labor Day

Below you’ll find some more tops that I would style with white jeans for fall. Lookout for the full white jean styling guide coming soon!

My Favorite Tops to Style with White Jeans for Fall

Photos by KVC Photography.


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