Cargo Pants: My New Favorite Pants for Fall

How to Style Green Cargo Pants | Midtown Magnolia Blog

For the longest time, I really didn’t wear any other pants besides jeans for fall. Occasionally, I would buy a pair of cords if I found some that fit right, but for the most part it was jeans. While jeans are obviously a great fall staple, I knew I needed to mix it up. Plus, jeans aren’t always the most comfortable.

So, last year when I bought these green chinos from J. Crew (featured on the blog here and here), I decided they were my new favorite non-jean pants. I loved the color for fall and especially loved that it paired with almost any top – chambray button downs, navy tees, pink blouses, or cream sweaters.

How to Style Green Cargo Pants | Midtown Magnolia Blog

Unfortunately, when I went to try on my J. Crew chinos post pregnancy, they did not fit. I don’t know if any other moms have had this problem, but post pregnancy, my hips have expanded and have not gone back down, causing any of my non-stretch pants to not fit! While I’ve accepted this change to my body, it has been frustrating to have to re-invest in some of my favorite pants.

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I thought about buying my J. Crew chinos again just in the next size, but found these green cargo pants at Loft that I fell in love with even more! They are a nice light weight material for these hot “fall” days we have in Atlanta and have a little more character than the chinos. I really like the cinched ankle and stitching across the knee.

How to Style Green Cargo Pants | Midtown Magnolia Blog

Needless to say, these cargo pants are my new favorite pants for fall. I’ve worn them way too many times to count already and will be featuring them on the blog in at least two more posts. I’m thinking about doing a post on all the different ways you can style them similar to the one I did with my chinos (here) so let me know if you’d be interested in that!

Loft Pom Pom Sweater Tank | Midtown Magnolia Blog

For today’s look, I paired them with this sleeveless sweater (also from Loft) since it’s still so warm in Atlanta. And my leopard flats added a nice pop of pattern to this otherwise neutral look! These pants are currently on sale for less than $15 and also come in blue so scoop them up while you can!

Gap Leopard Flats | Midtown Magnolia Blog  Sweater // Pants // Flats (similar) // Clutch (similar)

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