Velvet Trend for Fall

Try the velvet fall fashion trend with one of these affordable and stylish pieces

While I love keeping up with what’s trending in the fashion world, I tend to stick to classic pieces that I can wear for years to come rather than trendier items. However, there are a few trends every now and then that I just can’t pass up. This year that trend is velvet. Here’s why I’m loving it:

Instantly dresses up any outfit

This luxe fabric instantly elevates casual jeans to a party ready or date night look

Always comes in the prettiest colors

Why is it that velvet pieces are always in the prettiest, richest hues? I haven’t seen a velvet color that I don’t like but if I had to choose a favorite it would definitely be pink. This pink velvet J. Crew top is just gorgeous!

Perfect for the holidays

Velvet will always be the perfect holiday material. I’m especially happy that it’s trending this year because I’m a little bit over sequins. A deep burgundy velvet dress would be perfect for Christmas and a steel grey velvet top will take you right into the new year!

It’s “trended” many times before

I can remember having a velvet skirt in middle school and then a pink velvet top in high school and thinking both times that these were the prettiest clothing items I owned. Velvet has been around the block a few times so in my eyes it’s not that “trendy” of an item.

Don’t have to break the bank to find pretty, quality pieces

Case in point the pieces I picked out above are all under $150! Surprisingly, a lot of them are from Old Navy and less than $40. Even if you’re hesitant about the velvet trend, at least you can give it a try without investing too much money in it!

I’ve personally already invested in a pair of velvet heels that I’m wearing to a wedding next weekend. I also plan to buy a velvet tee to dress up jeans for a night out and a velvet dress for the holidays!

I’d love to know, will you be investing in any velvet pieces this fall?

Shop all of my favorite velvet pieces below!


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