Motherhood Mondays: A Recap of My First Weekend Away

If you read last week’s Motherhood Monday post, then you know that this past weekend I left Andrew for the first time. Leading up to our weekend away, I was having mixed emotions about it. I was sad to leave him, anxious that he would be okay, nervous that my parents wouldn’t get any sleep, and worried that I would miss out on a developmental milestone. At the same time, I was so excited to spend quality time with my husband, Patrick, visit Notre Dame, attend the wedding of one of my college roommates, and see a number of my good friends from college.

The hardest part of our weekend away was saying goodbye to Andrew on Friday morning. He was awake when we left at 6:00 a.m. as he always wakes at this time to eat in the morning. I tried to quickly breastfeed him but had to stop halfway through or else we would have missed our flight. Handing him over to my dad to give him a bottle as he was crying was heartbreaking for me. I got in the car to head to the airport and cried. By the time we got to the airport, I had calmed down. Mostly because we were in such a rush. Once my mom texted me that Andrew was back asleep, I felt a lot better.

As we began our trip, I reminded myself that a) it was only for three days (two nights), b) I should enjoy this time away with my husband as I knew it would continue to be a rarity, and c) Andrew was in good hands. With these thoughts constantly in the back of my head, I can say that while I missed Andrew like crazy, I was able to thoroughly enjoy our weekend away.

We had a lot of fun activities planned for the weekend which helped take my mind off missing Andrew. As soon as we arrived to Chicago on Friday, we jumped in the car and headed to the University of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is where Patrick and I both attended college and met. Patrick’s sister is currently a senior there so we went to visit her and just walk around campus since we hadn’t been in over three years.

Saturday morning Patrick and I had our first date since Andrew was born – we went to brunch at Beatrix in downtown Chicago and then got donuts at Do-Rite Donuts (I highly recommend both)! That afternoon, we went to my friend’s wedding just outside of Chicago. It was so great to see all of my college roommates. Also, the reception, which was 7 hours long, was so much fun!!! We ended the weekend with another amazing brunch in the city at The Allis (pictured below).

One challenging aspect of the weekend that I hadn’t really thought of before I left was having to pump. In order to maintain my supply, I pumped every 3-4 hours during the day and then once in the middle of the night. As you can imagine, this was not always convenient. A number of times I had to pump in the car. At the wedding, I had to leave the cocktail hour to pump. I had to interrupt a potentially full night’s rest to pump. And, I even had to pump on the plane ride home! By the end of the weekend, my breasts were so sore! It also killed me to have to throw out the milk each session. However, I quickly got over this since I was finally able to enjoy a few cocktails without worry 😉

By the end of the weekend, I of course was dying to get home to Andrew. All had gone well with my parents just like I knew it would. I am so thankful that they gave up their weekend (and their sleep) to watch him for us. Over the weekend, Patrick and I did wonder if Andrew even realized that we were gone. Whether he did or not, he gave us plenty of smiles and cuddles when we got home! Like my mom reminded me, it’s only going to get harder to leave him as he starts to understand. So, I am glad that I was able to enjoy myself on our first weekend away!


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