Motherhood Mondays: Reflecting on My Upcoming Weekend Away

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I know this is going to sound so cliché but being this little man’s mom has quickly become my favorite job in the whole entire world. It’s amazing how your life can change in just four short months. And not only in big ways but through small, every day moments. Like the moment he looked into my eyes for the first time while nursing, or the moment he first smiled when I talked to him, or the moment he started actually playing during playtime! So many little moments that have made me fall in love with this boy over and over again. He is my little buddy, and I feel like I’ve known him my whole life even though it’s only been 17 weeks. Motherhood is truly a beautiful, amazing gift, and I feel so lucky to be Andrew’s mom.

Of course, motherhood isn’t always easy. I’ve said it a few times in these motherhood Monday posts, but the first six weeks were challenging for me. It took me time to adjust to motherhood and to find joy in those sleepless nights and 24/7 nursing days. Looking back though it was just as everyone had said — it went so quick! And it hasn’t slowed down. How quickly things continue to pass has encouraged me to live in the moment daily.

It’s one of the lessons that motherhood has taught me, and I’ve honestly been trying to enjoy every second with this little guy both good and bad, easy and challenging, as much as I can. I love the phrase about motherhood the days are long, but the years are short as I’m already realizing how true this is. Since it’s only been four months though maybe I should say the days are long, but the months are short 😉

I share all of this as I think I’m feeling a little emotional about motherhood as I approach my first weekend away from Andrew. I have so many mixed feelings about it – I’m sad, excited, anxious – welcome to motherhood right?! I’ve never been away from him for more than five hours and that time away seemed long! I truly love spending every moment with him.

Since I’ve vowed to enjoy every moment with Andrew to the fullest, I’ve decided I need to have this same mindset as I approach this coming weekend away with my husband. After all, our relationship comes first, and a weekend away just the two of us will be a welcome change. I know it will be full of moments and memories that I’ll cherish for years to come. Plus, we are celebrating a dear friend’s wedding which will be so much fun!

It’s just two days and Andrew will be in good loving hands with his grandparents, my parents. While I’ll miss him like crazy, I know he will be fine. I plan to relish in the little joys of this weekend like our first full night of sleep and first date in 17 weeks as well as our first trip back to our alma mater, Notre Dame, where we met, in over three years. I know I’ll be so excited to see Andrew once we get home. Plus, I think the weekend away will remind me to continue to cherish each and every moment with him.

Wish me luck as I leave the little guy for the first time. Oh, and as I pump like crazy in preparation for our trip! Any thoughts or advice from mamas who have experience leaving their little ones is welcome! Happy Motherhood Monday!


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