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If you read my Motherhood Monday post this week, then you know that last weekend we traveled to Chicago for a wedding. When I’m traveling, I give as much thought to the outfits I’m packing to the one I plan to wear to get to my destination. It’s important to me to look put together yet still be comfortable. This is sometimes easier said then done especially when you have a 6:00 a.m. flight or a 12 hour car ride! That’s why there are a few styling tips I always follow when picking out my travel outfit. With the busiest travel day of the year coming up in just three weeks, I thought I would share some of these travel style tips with you!

Opt for comfy pants

The most important piece of a travel outfit in my opinion are the bottoms that you choose. Whether you’re travelling by car or plane, you will be sitting for most of the day so you want a pair of pants that aren’t restricting. Since I refuse to buy jeans that are uncomfortable to begin with, I honestly love wearing my jeans when traveling. These are my favorite pair! If I’m not wearing jeans, you can find me in chinos, a dressier pair of leggings, or joggers.

Choose a cotton top

Whether it’s a sweater, a tee, or a button down, I like to wear cotton tops as I find them to be the most breathable and comfortable. I also hate static electricity so I know if I choose a cotton top I can avoid my clothes clinging to me all day long. These are my FAVORITE long sleeve tees. I bought every color last year. They are so soft, the perfect fit, and easy for layering. Great for traveling in.

Layers, layers, layers!

Whether it’s a blanket scarf, an open cardigan, or a cape, I always bring an extra layer to wrap myself in while traveling. It’s key for fighting off those travel chills – any one else always cold when they travel?!

Slip on shoes

Slip on shoes, whether ballet flats, slides, or loafers, are my go-to travel shoes. If you’re traveling by plane, they’re easy to take on and off when going through security. And, if you’re driving, they’re easy to take off so that you can get more comfortable in your seat or put your feet on the dashboard 😉 I do always pack a thick pair of socks in my carry on though in case my feet get cold. And if I remember, I try to put them on before walking barefoot through security!

How cute and perfect for traveling are these?! They are a loafer that converts to a slide! Love the pink velvet option.

Add a hair accessory

I don’t know about you, but if I have an early flight the last thing I want to worry about is getting up to do my hair. Plus, a day of traveling just means it’s going to look blah anyways. With so many cute hats and bows available now, I love adding one of these accessories to complete my travel look.

The picture above was my travel ootd on our first day. You can see that it incorporates almost every one of these travel style tips. Once I got to our first destination (Notre Dame) I changed my shoes. I shared that look on my Instagram here!

Shop my travel ootd below! 


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