A Holiday Gift Guide for the New Mom

A Holiday Gift Guide for the New Mom

Happy Motherhood Monday! This week I’m bringing you another holiday themed Motherhood Monday post. Last week, I shared tips, tricks, and ideas for how to style your family for Christmas card photos. This week, I thought it would be fun to share a gift guide for the new mom. If you have a friend, sister, or co-worker who is expecting or recently had a baby than any one of these would be the perfect gift for her! I personally received or bought myself each of these items so I can vouch for the fact that they are welcomed gifts as a new mom! If you read my post a couple months ago on my favorite mom and baby products, you may recognize a few of these same items. They are just that good! Keep reading to find out why I love each of these gifts for the new mom.

Holiday Gift Guide for the New Mom

  1. A Cozy Robe: Since Andrew was 5 weeks early, I did not even have a hospital bag packed and ready when I went into labor. Thankfully, my mom went out and bought me a number of items while I was in the hospital including a robe. I wore my robe throughout my hospital stay and practically lived in those first few weeks! It was the easiest thing to throw on after a shower, nurse in, and just lounge around in.
  2. A Cute Thermal Coffee Mug: Coffee is key to survive those early days when you get little to no sleep. Having a cute mug with a lid keeps mom’s coffee hot longer and makes it easier to drink around baby.
  3. A Warm Blanket: One of my coworkers bought me the softest throw blanket last Christmas when I was pregnant with Andrew and I am always using it to cozy up with him while I’m nursing.
  4. The Solly Baby Wrap: This wrap is a lifesaver for calming baby and freeing up those hands so mom can finally pickup or make herself something to eat.
  5. Nursing Friendly Pajamas: I talked about how much I love a good pair of nursing friendly pajamas in this post so I had to include a cute pair in today’s gift guide. This pair from J. Crew is so cute and cozy!
  6. The Dockatot: I have used this thing since day one with Andrew! Although it’s a bit pricier, it’s worth every penny. It’s perfect for plopping your little one down in any room, for co-sleeping, and for travelling.
  7. A Pretty & Practical Nursing Bra: Before Andrew was born, I didn’t think much about nursing friendly pieces. However, I quickly found out that I would need to add some key items to my wardrobe especially nursing friendly bras. A pretty, lacy one like this helps you feel like a nursing mom goddess 😉
  8. Luxurious Loungewear (Cashmere Sweatpants): As a new mom, I struggled with wanting to look cute but also just be comfortable. During those first few weeks, I resorted to staying in my pajamas or wearing sweats. I would have loved to have had this chic and soft sweatpant and sweatshirt combo.
  9. Sweatshirt
  10. The Magic of Motherhood: This book is full of the sweetest stories about motherhood. It serves as a great reminder to enjoy every little moment even when it seems tough. I enjoyed reading these while nursing Andrew.
  11. Fawn Diaper Bag: A stylish diaper bag is a new mom must have. It helps you feel like you have your life together. Especially when you attempt to leave the house those first few times with your little one.
  12.  Water Bottle: As a nursing mom, I’ve found that I am even more thirsty then when I was pregnant. I carry my water bottle with me wherever I go and always have it beside me while breastfeeding. A cute water bottle makes it that much easier to remember to hydrate!
  13. Instacart Gift Card: Meal delivery services, meals from friends and family, and Instacart are what helped insure I ate those first few weeks with a newborn. If you haven’t heard of Instacart, it’s an online grocery delivery service and a total lifesaver for new moms everywhere.
  14. Milkful Lactation Bars: In those early weeks when I was really focused on building up my supply, I bought and made a lot of lactation cookies. I love that these bars are a wholesome alternative to cookies. They would make a great snack for nursing moms while also helping to increase milk supply! 

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